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Back when everyone was nice, and the site was a stress relief. With people that got along and liked each other. That's what this site is about.
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 Nico's Characters

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PostSubject: Nico's Characters   Nico's Characters I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 27, 2011 7:48 pm

Character Count: 4
Hale Drem; Son of Apollo; 12
Jake Reed; Son of Zeus; 16
Cassie Krest; Daughter of Demeter; 15
Hailey Livingston; Daughter of Aeolus; 16

Who Are My Play-By's? (If you steal them you die!)

Hale: Max Thieriot
Jake: Chord Overstreet
Cassie: Model Girl
Hailey: Dianna Agron


Hale: Anne Berkenhousen, Zan's Character
Jake: It's complicated.
Cassie: Dibbed by Angel. Interested in Griffin.
Hailey: Single and not interested in anyone at the moment. (She has dibbed Derrik Michaels, played by Zan.)
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PostSubject: Re: Nico's Characters   Nico's Characters I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 27, 2011 7:49 pm

-Don't you know I'm not your ghost anymore?
You lost the love I loved the most!
I learned to live, half alive,
And now you want me one more time!
Nico's Characters Hale_d10

Full Name (Including Middle): Hale Joseph Drem
Nickname/s: None. Hale goes by Hale
Name Meaning: Hero from the hall, hero
Namesake: Hale was named by his mother, after no one in-particular.

Age: 12
Date of Birth: December 12th

Gender: Male

God Parent: Apollo
Mortal Family: Hale's mother's name was Hailey Drem. She died giving birth to Hale's half sister, and was able to escape Hera's attack. She was able to attract three gods.
Hale's oldest, little sister's name is Toni. Toni arrived at camp, but no one is sure of her whereabouts now. Her god parent is Hephaestus.
Hale's little brother's name was Tyson. Tyson was killed by Hera, in a very long back story. He is now dead, and Hale misses him terribly. Tyson and Hale were best friends until the accident.
Hale's littlest half sister, who's name he doesn't know, lives wit her father, and Hale has never met her.
Hale also has a twin brother, Trent, whom he's never met, but soon will.
Claimed: Yes

Years in Camp: This will be his first year. In December, he will begin his next year, and so on.
Claiming History: Hale was claimed by his father upon entering the Hermes cabin, on his first day of camp.
Year-Round or Summer: Year-Round

Brief History:
Hale was born in San Fransisco, but his mom moved him immediately. Hale had no problem with this and found it completely normal that a single mother would want to move away from her past and start anew.

When his sister, Toni, was born he rejoiced, glad there was another member of his family. Toni was soon joined by Tyson, and Hale saw that his family complete. The only problem was, all three children were demigods. Tyson was even a son of Zeus!

Hera was angry, angry at Hailey, and hit her where it hurts, her children. Hale and Toni teamed up when protecting the house from Hera, but Tyson was too young to survive a blow from a goddess. He died and Hale was hit on the head with a piece of roof.

What did he forget? That he had a sister who he loved, and that his mom knew about mythology. Other than that, the Hera incident only took him to camp a few years later. He was dragged away by a satyr and taken to Camp Half-Blood's safety. He tried to run away a few times, but he did end up in camp.

At camp he met Leo, a son of Poseidon, and that boosted up his spirits. Soon he befriended some of his siblings, first Alex, then Katie, then Seth, and then just about everyone else, but then he started hanging out with others. He met Roxanne Michaels, who went on to nominate him for Apollo Cabin Leader. Shortly, he became Cabin Leader, and befriended the other Cabin Leaders, with the exception of Cody. They got of to a rough start, both yelling at each other, then each of them leaving. Luckily, at the next meeting, tragedy brought them together. The war changed them, and soon Hale and Cody were on an acquaintance basis (they're still working on "friendship").

When Zan, Roxanne, and Gen died, Hale went into an emotional frenzy. He thought about suicide before Zan's cousin Julia got in the way. Hale was back on track, and handled finding out that Taylor was Zan with flying colors. He didn't take that his mother died so well though, Alex Dashwood or Toni Drem could tell you that!

Physical Appearance:
Hale has light, golden blond hair. It's cut short, and cropped. His hair occasionally grows long and shaggy, and he doesn't get around to getting it cut a lot. When it is long, you will find he has trouble consternating and is often antsy, but when it's cut short he is often calm and peppy.

His eyes are brown, which are the color of his mom's eyes. No one is quite sure why he got his mom's eye color instead of his dad's, since the god's genes normally overpower the mortals, but he did. Hale believes it is because his mom is strong, and meant to help do great things.

His skin is tan, but only when he's in the sun, otherwise it's pale. It is very similar to the Apollo cabin, which turns golden when hit by sunlight. He almost always has a smile on his face, which lights up the room, and his eyebrows are arched. He kind of has a weaselly, surfer look to him, and his aura is calm and sturdy.

His Camp Half-Blood shirt is tight to his chest, which makes him look stronger than he really his. He only wears Nike running shoes, and black gym shorts. He has a yin-yang sun necklace and a backpack which he wears often, but not always. The rest of the time, it's either laying on his bed, on his floor, or in his hand as a bow.

Personality: Hale is loyal and cocky. He will fight to the end for friends, siblings, or just people in need. The cocky part comes when he makes a shot. If he simply hits someone's foot with an arrow, he'll get so cocky he'll let his guard down, and possibly even get lazy.

Still, he can be brave and powerful if he tries. He has leadership in him, even if it is often under the surface, deeply hidden inside of him. Once he became Cabin Leader, he found out just what lied under the surface. He was a natural leader, and he was brave enough to take on the job.

He is claustrophobic, and hates to be inside, which has something to do with his dad being Apollo. He feels best when he's outside in the sunlight. He hates the dark, and only feels safe with light, but it's okay because he can control light. This can also be traced back to his dad. He often reminds himself that is dad is Apollo for comfort, because Hale feels Apollo is the greatest god, and one that would never back down.
Favorites: Hale loves snowboarding, sugar, and the snow. If he could spend all day outside, eating candy, and snowboarding, he would. His dream job would be working as an apprentice for his father, Apollo, and Hale's life dream is to meet Apollo.
Least Favorites: Hale can't stand being under pressure, and he hates being talked down to. Being one of the youngest, and the smallest, Cabin Leader, Hale often gets treated as the kid, which he doesn't much care for. He also hates being inside, and he doesn't do well in tight spaces. Hale's least favorite job would be a teacher, and he never wants to be put down by his peers.
Fatal Flaw: Hale can be a little insensitive and cocky, which could lead to his death if he isn't careful.

Pets: Hale has a puppy named Truckee, who is a male black lab.
Nico's Characters _bms1024

Demigod Abilities: Hale can use his bow for trick shooting, and he can control light. Those are his two Apollo powers. He can't heal very well, but he simply tells himself it's because he's young. He has always been determined to learn, and he spends a lot of time in the infirmary, looking at his siblings healing examples.

He isn't very good when close-combat fighting, since he can't use a sword, but is good at sharp shooting. Hale is a master with his bow, and hits even the smallest of targets.

He can take more ambrosia and nectar then most demigods, which he considers a talent, but still can't take in very much. Everyone knows you explode when you take in too much.

Something most people don't know about Hale is that he is a good snowboarder. He loves the snow and his old home used to be in the mountains where there was year round snow. He shreds like professionals, and doesn't wait for anyone on the slopes.
Weapons: His bow and arrows are all he needs. His bow turns into a backpack, and his arrows turn into an iPod.

Other: Hale tries to run away, but he isn't quiet, so he always gets caught. He owns a cellphone that know one knows about, but hardly uses it.

Nico's Characters Hale_d10
-Let us die young or let us live forever!
We don't have the power, but we never say never!
Sitting in a sandpit, life is a short trip.
The music's for the sad men!

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PostSubject: Re: Nico's Characters   Nico's Characters I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 27, 2011 7:50 pm

-He's nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready
To drop bombs, but he keeps on forgetting
What he wrote down, the whole crowd goes so loud!
He opens his mouth, but the words won't come out.

Nico's Characters Chord-overstreet-daman-12042010-07-430x558_thumb

Full Name (Including Middle): Jake Reed (He doesn't have a middle name)
Nickname/s: Jake likes the name Jake, so that's what he goes by, although he tried to convince his first grade teacher his name was Farts. Also, a few of his best friends joke around, calling him Bob, which is Jake's least favorite name.
Name Meaning: Held by the heel
Namesake: Jake doesn't have a name sake.

Age: 16
Date of Birth: June 21st

Gender: Male

God Parent: Zeus
Mortal Family: Jake was born into a rich family, one that consisted of many actors and writers, singers and dancers, voice overs and agents. His family was a very long line of famous people, and it seemed like Jake would just fit into the line instead of becoming his own person.
Jake's mom's name is McKenzie Reed. McKenzie was a dancer, and played the part of the Sugar Plum fairy in the nutcracker. She traveled the world, and that's how she met Zeus. McKenzie never spent much time with Jake, or Jake's brother, but she did spend time with other dancers.
Jake's little brother's name is Skylar. Skylar, or Sky, was born to two mortals, and isn't a demigod like his older brother. Currently he's 10, but when Jake left for camp, Sky was 4.
Jake's step father, Kyle, was also a dancer. That's how McKenzie met him. They married when Jake was 3, and had Sky a year later. Kyle always liked Jake, and Jake grew to not hate Kyle. Still, Kyle had a secret. (More in Brief History)
Claimed: Yes

Years in Camp: 6
Claiming History: Jake was claimed after being in camp for a full four months. Zeus didn't really notice that his son had arrived, since Jake liked to stay out of the spotlight, and spent his time blending in. When Zeus noticed Jake was at camp, he was claimed during dinner. Soon, Jake came out of his shell and enjoyed the attention.
Year-Round or Summer: Year-Round, though he visits his family on holidays.

Brief History:
All around me adults picked at my sparkly costume. Personally, I wanted to throw the thing off and set it on fire, but I wouldn't to that around all of my dance teachers. They worked hard with me, and if they see me brake another thing, my mom would have to pay for it. "Why is everyone acting like this recital is such a big deal?" I asked one of the many girls in the studio's classes.
The girl only laughed, then turned and talked to another girl. There were no boys here to talk to. I found that out a while ago. Most of the audience's eyes were always on me, even though I wasn't the best dancer out there. I was probably the best hip-hop dancer, but that was a completely different dance then the sparkly one. Most of the girls were jealous of me, as I was the one who hogged the spotlight, whatever that meant. I didn't hug anything, even my mom. I didn't hug any spotlight. These girls were jealous over nothing.
"Oh! Jake, your next! Why don't you line up behind these lovely girls. They'd be honored." An old lady pushed me into a completely wrong spot, and there wasn't time to fix anything. I could only walk out wearing my sparkly leotard. The crowd went into a furry of "Awwww!"'s when they saw me and I rolled my eyes. I wasn't even dancing, I was just standing there like an idiot.
"STOP STARING AT ME!" I shouted, and everyone stopped dancing. I was standing front in center, somehow back in my regular spot. The entire crowd gasped at my outburst, and I explained how much I hated dancing anything but hip hop. My mom burst into tears, and my step father patted her back, giving me the evil eye. My teachers where writing something on a piece of paper, and only one person in the audience was staring at me in awe.
She jumped up and rushed over, tugging on my arm before I realized that I was floating in the air. As the girl yanked me out, several people in the audience whispered, "Where did he even get a latter." One of them argued that I had a rope, and it had dropped from the ceiling. They seemed to think it had all been an act, and they loved it! I had been yelling for Pete's sake! These people were too stupid to realize that, and it was fine with me. The girl told me I was leaving. Let me leave. This town didn't have anything for me anymore.

Jake was born to McKenzie Reed and Zeus, lord of the sky, on June 21st. He was forced to attend numerous dance classes, which were so not his thing, and he was that little boy that all the adults wanted to pinch. He loved the spotlight, but didn't like being the center of attention. It put too much pressure on him. His only true calling in a dance was hip hop, and that was the only thing he enjoyed about his classes.

When Jake turned 3, his mom found a love interest, and they married after 4 months of dating. Jake always got along well with his step father, Kyle, and Jake almost let Kyle take Zeus's place as his dad. That was before a storm came, and Kyle wouldn't let his stepson go outside. His excuse was that it was too dangerous, but Jake got that there was something more. Kyle simply wanted to be the man of the house, and he didn't think that letting a three year old out in a storm would score him very high points with his new wife. Jake ignored the warning though, and snuck out of the house to play. The rain made him strong, and washed away his troubles. The boy was only 3, but he could understand things when he was in the rain. Out in the rain, though, Jake wondered off and found himself in the park. The rain was pouring down so hard, he could barely see anything, but he did see a man in a trench coat, about 6'10", holding something that looked like a sword. When Jake tried to walk closer, he saw that it was just a tree with an odd branch sticking out, so Jake ran home. The next day Jake went back, only to find that the tree was gone, and there was no signs of a tree ever being there.

A few years later, Jake's little brother was born to McKenzie Greenhousen and Kyle Greenhousen. Sky was a lot like Jake, and Jake found it extremely easy to get along with the young one. While Sky didn't have to take dance like Jake, they did almost everything together, despite the 4 year age difference. Sky often reported seeing a tall man holding a package outside his window, though, and everyone but Jake seemed to think the child was insane. The son of Zeus decided to talk to Skylar about it, and they had the following discussion:
JR: Tell me exactly what you're seeing, Sky.
SG: A tall man with a beard. He's strong, and he just floats in the sky.
JR: What is he holding?
SG: A package. But when it rains, I see him holding a sword.
JR: Does he notice you?
SG: Yes. He talks to me.
JR: What does he say, Sky?!? WHAT DOES HE SAY?
SG: I don't know!
SG: He asks about you. I don't answer. I don't . . . Answer.
JR: Does he say why he asks about me?
SG: He just asks if his son is safe. He says he doesn't trust my dad. I think he really is your dad, Jake. He says that he is a god. I don't even know what he means, but I haven't gone near my dad in a couple months.
JR: Sky, I think we're going to have to talk to this man.

Jake tried to talk to the figure several times, but he never could. It always turned out to be his eyes playing tricks on him. After a couple months of trying to figure out where he couple talk to the man, Jake gave up and moved to the topic of his stepfather. After looking into it, Jake discovered the truth. Kyle wasn't to be trusted, considering that he was a mortal, but a seer. Kyle supported Kronos, and wanted the gods to go down so hard they rot in Tartarus. Jake tried confronting his stepfather, showing him the files Jake had found, but Kyle only denied everything, an innocent smile on his face.

One night, while attending a dance recital, Jake's true parent was revealed, and a satyrress appeared to take the boy to camp. After arriving, Jake realized that he belonged at camp, and Sky would just have to deal with growing up with the evil dad thing. After a year of research around camp, he realized another thing: The man that kept appearing was Zeus. Zeus wasn't allowed to have direct contact with his children. He had to ask Sky, who wouldn't answer, about his endangered son. The mere thought of a father who couldn't help his son made Jake sad, but he quickly got over it, because Jake isn't the type to linger on things for too long.

The rest of his time at camp, Jake did nothing but clawed his way to the top. He strongly wanted to be the most popular kid at camp, and the only thing he had to impress others was the talents his parents gave him. His hip hop dancing and Zeus talents did work though, and now most of the camp knows who Jake is, though he isn't as popular as the Cabin Leaders.

One battle, Jake got hurt. He was fighting a demigod and winning, but they brought up his stepfather. Jake stopped fighting immediately, frozen in his own world. Sky was back with the evil dad, while he was living in a somewhat safe home with people who cared about him. Jake let his guard down completely, and the opponent struck him in the back. Jake now has a long scar running from the middle of his back to his waist.

Physical Appearance:
Jake's hair is blond. He is a full blown blondie, like a couple of his siblings, and gets it from his mom and from Zeus. His roots are extremely brown, and they spread through his all of his hair, giving him more dirty blond then beach blond. His hair is cut short, but it hangs loosely around his head in a very unique way. It seems to be messy, but it is really electrified. It is full of electricity, which makes it stand up at odd angles.

Jake's eyes are gray, and appear blue when he's using his powers. They are more of a sea green than actual gray, but at first glance they appear silvery. They are glossy, or shiny as Jake says, and they have small lightning blots shooting through their irises, which isn't normal. That is because he has so much dormant energy in him that it travels all through him, and can be seen in his eyes. Just above Jake's eyes are his brown eyebrows. It isn't odd for people with dirty blond hair to have brown eyebrows, but it does appear strange.

Jake's ears are slightly elfish at the top, and curved at the bottom. His left ear is pierced, and he believes in the saying, "Left is right and Right is wrong." His mouth is also extremely large, but he doesn't talk a lot, so it doesn't make since. He has average skin that isn't tan or pale, but closer to a fair complexion than an olive one. His style is classic rebel, and he has never worn his camp shirt, except for when he wasn't at camp to show off. Jake is 5'10", standing slightly higher than the average height, but not extremely tall. He isn't that heavy, weighing only 130, which isn't very heavy for a boy of his age, but he isn't a skinny rod. He has evenly toned muscles from dancing and workouts, which give him a lot of muscle weight verses fat weight. He also has that scar from the battle, running from the middle of his back, straight down to his waist.

Jake overall has an athletic build, but without the complete "buffness" and tan.

Personality: Jake is a natural leader, because he has extreme courage and bravery. He can take control well, and has a strong aura to him. He always volunteers to give himself, and would choose his friends life over him every time. He can be overconfident, though and overestimates himself.

Jake is your typical rebel, and he has no consideration for rules. He brakes rules, regulations, and laws without a care, and stands up for what he believes in. He is a bad boy, and doesn't like doing what he is told, or having boundaries set on what he can and can't do, which only adds to what image people see him as. Most people don't think as highly of him when they see him pull pranks or brake laws, but he does get some respect for his willingness to do what he wants.

The son of Zeus is the strong, silent type. Jake often can't find words to express what he's feeling, so he tends to remain quiet. He does like to joke around, but he doesn't run his mouth 24/7, or try to show everyone that he is the best. He likes to be the center of attention, but he'd rather show you what he can do than tell you. He strongly believes in the idea, "Actions speak louder than words." He lets either his powers, his strength, or his dancing to speak over him, instead of becoming outspoken. He doesn't set his expectations for things very high, making him easily amused.

Jake hates it when people do something to hurt another on purpose, and never forgets a person that is rude to his friends. He will call out anyone who steps out of line when criticizing someone else, especially close friends, and he is most annoyed by people who don't know what they're talking about, AKA know-it-alls. He is very loyal to his friends, which he gets from his dad, and he will do anything, even die, if it means someone close and innocent will remain alive and safe. He has constant fears that he will get someone killed, like what might happen to his brother, so he does everything he can to protect friends and family. He is a loving young man, and is a big brother to almost everyone he meets. (Figuratively.)
Fatal Flaw: Jake gets angered easily, and has very little impulse control, leading him to do very stupid things when he gets angry or excited.

Pets: Jake doesn't have a pet.

Demigod Abilities: ~Being a Zeus kid, Jake has powers beyond the other demigods. His main power is his ability to fly. He isn't strong in flying, and he will fly when he doesn't mean to, and not fly when he does, but Jake does have to ability. He can't make himself fly or not fly, because he hasn't learned how to channel the power's energy, but during random times, he might be floating around, waving his arms and trying to come down.
~Jake can also create energy, which is why he has sparks running all through him. He can't create lightning or storms, but he can make energy.
~He has very strong leadership skills, and can easily lead a group.
~Jake's ADHD and dyslexia are minor, but he never reads, so his dyslexia doesn't matter.
~Jake is a skilled fighter, and has his own unique fighting style.
Weapons: Jake has a sword, Electrify, which is able to channel his electricity, and use that to power his shots. He just needs to create energy while holding the hilt, and the hilt absorbs his energy and runs it all along the entire weapon. The material is celestial bronze, but it transfers energy well.

Other: Jake will be my last Big Three character I make, and I plan on keeping him until I need to change him out. If I don't need to change him out, I'll keep him forever. If there is an option to get two Big Threes, can I have changed him out, Jake will come back. Also, related to roleplay, Jake has a strange allergy towards strawberries. Though it hardly ever comes up, there are some things he can't eat or drink because of it.

-I am in misery!
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Nico's Characters Lane_f____7_by_choceffect-d3gnrkl
Cassie l Krest [daughter of Demeter; goddess of the Harvest]

Nickname/s: Cassie doesn't have any nicknames, because she prefers to go by Cassie.
Name Meaning: Cassie is a Greek name meaning she who entangles men.
Namesake: Cassie's father picked the name for her because of the entangles part, which reminded him of plants. (Mainly vines)

Age: 15
Birthday: May 1st

Gender: Female

God Parent: Demeter
Mortal Family: Cassie's father's name is Mortimer Krest. He is a scientist at OSU, where Cassie grew up until she was sent to camp.
Claimed: Yuperdoodles

Years in Camp: No time? Try 4 years.
Claiming History: Cassie was claimed before she got to camp, but only a couple hours before.
Year-Round or Summer: Year-Round, but she brakes for holidays.

Brief History:
Cassie was born in 1996 to Mortimer Krest and Demeter, goddess of the Harvest. She always had a way with nature, and only grew during the Spring, which happened to be when Cassie was born. (May 1st). As Cassie grew, she started to discover her particularly above average green thumb, and decided to ask her father how he was with plants. Her father's reply was a chuckle, and a "I'm not an expert, I'll tell you that." Cassie was confused by this statement, because she doubted she just got "lucky." Cassie, being known for giving everything her all, yearned to know more about her mother. That's why, on her tenth birthday, Mortimer gave her a single book, which changed Cassie's life forever. The book was titled, "Demeter: You Think You Have a Green Thumb?" Cassie felt such a strong connection to the book, that she slept with it under her pillow. She had the whole thing memorized in a month.

The next year, Cassie started to figure things out in her head. Demeter often had children with mortals. Mortimer never mentioned Mrs. Krest. AND, Mr. Krest had been the one to give Cassie the Demeter book. It all lead to one thing, Cassie's mom had to be Demeter. After another year of having everything worked out in her head, Cassie bid her dorm room goodbye and told her father where she was going. Mortimer smiled, years of wisdom behind his deep, blue eyes, and encouraged Cassie's decision. "I knew you were a smart one, Cassie. You'll do just fine." Cassie basically just had to jump into the street of the college roads, surrounded by tons of people, and scream, "My mommy's Demeter!"

That got the god's attention, and they transported Cassie to camp, where she got settled, and stayed to herself for a while. After she got more used to camp, she started to make more friends, but she was still a loner, for the most part. Just recently, she met a boy named Griffin. Griffin helped Cassie with Spanish in the library, but Cassie started to feel differently about Griffin. She asked him what he was doing later, and soon, they were going on a boat ride. Cassie, being hopeless when it comes to romance, doesn't realize that she has a small, but budding, crush on the son of Ponos.

Physical Appearance:
Cassie stands at about 5’4” in height. She’s of average weight for her height. Not too big but not too small. She has thin, round shoulders with short arms and small, child-like hands. Cassie has a longer torso and shorter limbs, which she often despises. Unlike those models in magazines, Cassie does not have mile long legs. She simply has normal legs, nothing too special. Cassie has a thin, slightly unshapely figure. However, she is still quite lovely. Cassie’s skin is pale and pure like porcelain. With hardly any blemish, her skin is often the thing that people notice about her. She has slightly chubby cheeks with soft cheek bones, a cleft chin, and a round, petite button nose.

Cassie’s hair cascades in waves and curls down her shoulders. It reaches a bit past her shoulder blades and collar bone. Her hair is red in color with hints of blond and brown. She has long, roughly cut bangs that cover her forehead. Her bangs are the only straight part of her hair. They often cover her eyes, especially when she is upset.

Cassie’s eyes are large, round and innocent, like a child’s. They seem to peer into your soul. Her irises are a dull blue in color with hints of silver around the pupil. Her eyes are framed by thick, light lashes that are often covered with mascara. Cassie has rather tweezed, red eyebrows that are artificially arched.

Cassie tends to wear rather “pretty” clothing. She enjoys dresses, puffy sleeves, flowing shirts, and jewelry. She doesn’t really do her hair much. The only thing she may put in it is her plain, gray head band. Cassie enjoys eccentric clothing. She likes appearing as though she just stepped out of Wonderland. Her favorite color to wear is a pastel blue. She says it brings out her eyes.

Personality: Cassie is an overachiever, and she likes to give everything her all. In school, she attended college level, special attention classes, because her father was a professor, and she learned how you needed to always be ahead of the game. Because of this, she always likes to give everything 110%. You won't find Cassie slacking off.

Cassie is a natural born leader. While she has no intentions of running for Cabin Leader, her brother Cody does a more than fine job of that, she does like to be depended on, and she is a very dependable and trustworthy leader. She is the kind of girl college kids would use as a "diary," so to speak. They told her things when they had no one else to turn to, and they simply expected her to keep things to herself. Luckily, she did, because when it comes to those kinds of things, Cassie is very serious.

Still, Cassie is fun-loving, and loves to let go every once in a while. She is a naturally funny girl, and has a very sarcastic sense of humor. She uses sarcasm whenever she's angry because it's a stress reliever. She feels more relaxed when she can just joke about things. She doesn't think pranks are funny, though, and she prefers kind jokes over rude, naughty ones.
Fatal Flaw: Cassie doesn't know what to do when she has a bunch of emotions built up. She can deal with other peoples feelings, but hers are a mystery to her. It's hard to deal with.

Pets: None, Mortimer didn't like animals in person.

Demigod Talents: ~Cassie can make almost anything grow, but she has limits when it comes to people.
~She only grows during the Spring, which explains why she's so small.
~Cassie has acute senses, mostly having good hearing.
~She can zero in on an object she's aiming for.
Weapons: Cassie has a very simple Celestial Bronze sword with no name. It turns into a watering can, but it normally stays in the Demeter Cabin, unless during battle. She owns no shield, and knows it is dangerous.

Other: Cassie has been made for Angel's Parker, so she isn't open for dibs. Sorry she's no Jaycee, Angel. Jaycee's information got deleted.
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Hailey l Livingston [daughter of Aeolus; lord of the winds]

Full Name (Including Middle): Hailey Marie Livingston
Nickname/s: Hailey has been given several nicknames over the years, the most reoccurring one being Hal. Since Hailey is such a big tomboy, the boyishness of the nickname doesn't bother her, and she is quite fond of the name. She doesn't see anything wrong with Hailey, but she prefers Hal. She introduces herself as Hailey, and knows herself as Hailye, but always makes calling her Hal an option.
Name Meaning: Hailey means hay clearing or hay woods, while Hal means leader of an army.
Namesake: Hailey was named after her mom's old sister, AKA, Hailey's aunt. When Hailey Livingston I died, Hailey's mom wanted to remember her.

Age: 16
Date of Birth: July 8th

Gender: Female

God Parent: Aeolus
Mortal Family: Hailey's mom's name is Teressa Livingston, though Teressa wasn't Haily's primary caregiver. Teressa worked long hours at the McDonald's near the Livingston's household in order to earn money for the family, so Hailey never saw the women as her mother. When Teressa died, Hailey took it easily, and joined the family she always saw as her own.
Hailey's neighbors, Emerson and Nantz Kelso, were always who Hailey saw as her parents. Emerson was a kind young lady who had recently married Nantz, who was a tall, muscular man. They worked in the advertising business, but since they worked from home, they could balance their child and Haily. The Kelso's house was rather large, and looked out of place compared to the Livington's small excuse for a shack. The two houses were surrounded by regular sized houses, so both of them were out of place in the average neighborhood.
The Kelso's son, Nolan, was several years younger than Hailey, and came into the family around when Hailey did. Nolan was often quiet, but very outgoing, and Hailey often got along with him very well. She acted as his babysitter whenever Emerson and Nantz went out, and those times, the two normally watched movies.
Claimed: Yes

Years in Camp: 5
Claiming History: Hailey was claimed the day she arrived in camp, at the stroke of Midnight. She was pulling an all nighter with the Hermes cabin, and Aeolus wanted her to rest up, because a battle came the next day. She was moved to the Hera cabin, and fell asleep. When the battle came, she wasn't tired.
Year-Round or Summer: Summer

Brief History:
Hailey was born into a very poor family. Her mother, Teressa, worked at McDonald's to support the family, but it didn't seem to be enough, because McDonald's didn't pay too well. In fact, it was an awful job, and Teressa only worked there because she was autistic. Though Hailey never noticed, because she was hardly ever around her mother, the degree of autism was pretty high. Teressa was never meant to live a normal life, and she lived a lot longer than was expected of her.

Whenever Teressa was at work, Hailey went to stay with the neighbors, the Kelso's. Being at the home of her godparents made Hailey happy, and it was apparent that she preferred her second family over her mother. Her mother never really understood the role of a mother, and so Teressa was always closely monitored when with Hailey. Hailey didn't like the way the Livingston family was constantly stared at, and even at a young age, she wanted to fight for her rights. When Teressa passed away, Hailey was only 5 years old, but she constantly fought to live with the Kelso's over the other Livingston's, Hailey's grandparents. When the Kelso's won custody, Hailey couldn't be happier. Her sad excuse for a family turned into a happy and nurturing environment.

Nothing special happened for several years, but on Hailey's 7th birthday, Nolan Kelso was born. Nolan was a spotlight hogger from the beginning, and he constantly wanted to be the center of attention. Wholesome Hailey didn't quite like this in Nolan's early years, and Hailey put up a pretty good struggle, but in the end, gave up her family stardom to Nolan, who couldn't be happier. He made several attempts to befriend Hailey, which mostly ended in failure, but finally one movie bonded the two. Though neither child could remember the movie, it didn't seem to matter. There was peace among the family. Nolan was even the one to nickname Hailey "Hal," knowing the girl was a major tomboy.

A year later, to celebrate Hailey turning 11 and Nolan turning 4, the family went out to eat at Chili's. This was the common hangout for the Kelso-Livingston's, and they always went here to celebrate. As Hailey opened her present, she spotted something non-human looking slip into the bathroom. Since it was the male bathroom, Hailey was even more eager to go investigate. The gift she had recently opened was a baseball cap, so she dismissed herself from the table. As she walked towards the bathroom, she tucked her hair into the baseball cap and walked with a stiffer, sturdier swagger. She could easily pass as a male, except for her beautiful facial features and dainty hands. Opening the bathroom door, Hailey braced herself for something major, but only found a boy with his pants off. The girl flipped out, but soon realized he had goat legs. The satyr smiled at Hailey, waving strangely, and slipped his pants back on. He dragged her out of the restaurant before she could say goodbye to the Kelso's, though, so she gave him a call once she got to camp.

Hailey was claimed the day she arrived in camp, at the stroke of Midnight. She was pulling an all nighter with the Hermes cabin, and Aeolus wanted her to rest up, because a battle came the next day. She was moved to the Hera cabin, and fell asleep. When the battle came, she wasn't tired. A lot of Hermes kids were lost that day, and though Hailey grieved for them, she was just glad she had been rested up. She thanked her dad that day, and the winds seemed to blow stronger, though Hailey thought it a coincidence. No one was really sure, but they did know the Hermes cabin deserved a lot of help getting through the tough time. Avoiding the pity party, Hal wanted to get away. She took off back to her cabin, where she vowed she was never going to fight in another battle. That night, she was also cursed with partial insomnia. From then on, it was extremely hard for Hailey to sleep.

The next years where pretty non-eventful. Hailey was home schooled, though she constantly wanted to go to boarding school. Her and Nolan got back on track, and Hailey explained everything to the Emerson and Nantz. Everything was back to normal, except Hal and the Kelso's stopped going to Chili's, which was understandable. Hailey didn't want to question it, and she was glad her life was so pleasant.

Physical Appearance:
The color of the young girl's hair is blond, though Hailey's roots are golden brown. The blond in her hair makes most people think she's your typical dumb, pretty blonde, which makes Hal happily prove the stereotypical ones wrong. Hailey's hair is shoulder length, and often wavy. When she puts her hair up, her ponytail is tight and straight, though, so the shape really depends on how sh styles it. Since she is a tomboy, she doesn't much care for styling her hair like a lot of girls do, and she lets it do pretty much whatever it wants to do. Her hair is naturally perfect, because the wind styles it for her, but Hailey doesn't like to focus on that. She would rather have it shoved inside her Red Sox hat, which she still has.

The girl's eyes are a very odd shade of hazel. While they are clearly brown, they are also very green. Their color is slightly unattractive, because it isn't very pretty, and this is the thing Hailey does obsess over. She doesn't care about her looks, but she wants to change her eye color, because it actually resembles puke. It's quite unflattering, and as much as she tries to hide it, her eyes are a green-brown, jumbled mess. The best analogy would be swamp water, because puke has too much green, and not enough brown. While you might think swamp water is awful for eyes, it isn't as bad as this makes her eyes sound, but her eyes are her worst feature, minus the teardrop shape they take on. Hailey's blond eyebrows are lifted towards their edges, and mixed with the same brown that appears in her roots.

Hailey's skin is quite tan, though she often appears to have goosebumps, and shivers constantly. She doesn't ever feel the heat of the sun, because wind follows her, but she does know that her skin gets burned easily, and that she is rather tan, despite her sunscreen obsession. Her nose is a ski slope shape, with a cute button bottom that is quite adorable, or was when she was little. She still has her little kid dimples, but her cheekbones are very defining, taking a strong shape. She is very average height, but she is probably a little under. Still, her height doesn't define her, because it isn't anything special. Hailey's lips are thin and pale pink, and she's against makeup, so she only applies lip gloss. You wouldn't catch her dead with lipstick on.

Hailey's style is very laid back, and accompanies a wide variety of clothing. She wears her camp shirt all the time, but her shorts and pants differ. Athletic shorts are her most common look, and they are some of the only shorts in her wardrobe, though short shorts also fit Hailey pretty well, so those are welcome to her. Hailey doesn't like accessories, but she does were her camp necklace around her ankle by wrapping it around like a ponytail. She also wears her Red Sox cap, which turns into her shield.

Personality: Hal is a very tomboyish girl, and likes to hang with the boys. She relates to them more, and she is more comfortable around them, because a lot of the time, she thinks more like them. She doesn't like to attend fancy things, or girlie sleep overs, but she does socialize a lot, and she can make most awful and boring situation a good one. She jokes around, but not to the point of exhaustion. She prefers the other person to make the joke, and she willingly laughs, because almost anything is funny to her. In the times she doesn't get a joke, she will express her confusion, not caring if she hurts the feelings of the joker or not.

There is a serious side to Hailey, though, too, and this side is the cause of all of her family drama. In the face of danger, she tends to want to run and hide, making her chicken out on a lot of things, the best example being battle. She doesn't take dramatic things very well, and she will often overreact. If something is minor, but she sees it as major, she won't be afraid to let you know. She can be extremely mature, though, and parents often trust her with their children.

If Hailey is in a bad mood, she will definitely try to hide it. She doesn't like others to feel pain, and she doesn't like to be pitied, so she'll act like nothing's bothering her. The truth is, though, she isn't a good actor. She can't easily mask the emotions she's feelings, so despite her efforts, you'll know what she's feeling, when she's feelings it. Her emotions very much control whether she's quiet or outgoing. Her sad emotions quiet her down and stop her from talking much at all, but her happy emotions make her extremely bubbly. She will appear hyper, but mostly talkative, finding endless subjects to discuss.

Hal can be insensitive, which she gets from her father, because she doesn't quite get the full grasp of how others have emotions just like hers. She'll make a rude comment without realizing it, and she might be surprised that someone has a problem with what she's done. That all builds to her very sincere innocence. Though she can have a lack of feelings towards someone when she does something wrong, she is very caring and wholesome, and feels others pain, almost telepathically. Is it a power? No. In truth, Hailey is probably just very good at connecting to others. Their pain is her pain and, since she has a wavering aura of need around her, vise versa. Others often want to help her through tough times, too, which the daughter of Aeolus doesn't often notice.

Most of the time, Hailey seems to be trapped in a bubble. Her vision of the world around her isn't too clear, and she doesn't always notice much. This helps her when she's going through a tough time, or someone is trying to help her, but it does keep her from helping someone else to the best of her ability. Still, Hailey remains a very good assistant, and she is still excellent at cheering someone up, or comforting them when she's needed. Hal always seemed like she would make a great mother, but since Hailey hasn't found a guy yet, the girl herself can't see it.
Fatal Flaw: Hailey closes herself off from everyone when she doesn't like what she's hearing, which tends to make her extremely vulnerable and week. Not only that, but this action is extremely annoying, so she could simply get injured by the person she's closing herself off from.

Pets: Hailey doesn't have any pets, though she's more of a fish person.

Demigod Abilities: ~**Being a child of the wind god, Aeolus, Hailey has control over wind, and can bend it. When she does this, she has to move her arms though, and it resembles Aang the Avatar, from Avatar: The Last Airbender. This power is kind of dangerous in her hands, because she's young, and hasn't mastered it yet.**
~Hailey is strong when wind is blowing, but she isn't invincible by any means.
~The girl is a strong runner, and she can run for long amounts of time.
~Hal doesn't know it, but she is a gifted fighter. Since she prefers not to fight, and vowed she wouldn't, it is unclear if she will ever discover her gift.
~The daughter of Aeolus is a horrible actor, but her singing is impeccable. She is strong voice wise, even though she's young.
Weapons: Hailey doesn't have any actual weapons, but her hat turns into a shield. She got the Hephaestus cabin to modify the cap for her, and it works great. This is a just-in-case-thing, because Hal doesn't fight.

Other: None.
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Skylar Reed, Son of Zeus, Coming Soon!
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