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Back when everyone was nice, and the site was a stress relief. With people that got along and liked each other. That's what this site is about.
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 until we meet again - nico

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until we meet again - nico Empty
PostSubject: until we meet again - nico   until we meet again - nico I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 04, 2013 9:02 pm

until we meet again - nico SimoneNobili014_zps8ad110ac
    l zander west son of apollo
The Muses cabin was empty and Zander breathed a sigh of relief when he entered. He carefully approached the bunk he knew to be none other than Tiffany Powell's. A small smile lit up his face at the blue sheets before he remembered why he was here. He sobered up immediately and brought a folded square of paper out of his pocket.

He held the paper for a moment before setting it down on top of the drawers beside her bunk. He swung his backpack off his shoulder and then produced a blue sea glass necklace in the shape of a nearly perfect circle. He set it down carefully on top of the paper and then set down a can of Arizona green tea beside it.

Then, he slowly turned and left the cabin, fighting to keep his face straight because he feared he might cry even if he smiled.


    First of all, sorry about everything. You deserve better than this.

    I'd like to give you a proper explanation, but I don't have anything other than that I just need to go. I guess it's kind of a curse. I just need to keep moving, I get restless in one place and Camp Half-Blood is no exception, much to my disappointment. I wish I could explain it but it baffles me too. I wish I could stay with you, I really do, but maybe you're better off without me anyway.

    I've only known you for a little while, but it feels like you've understood me better than anyone else ever has. I'm going to miss you, quite a bit more than would be comfortable, I think. You shouldn't miss me though. In fact, I think it would be better if you hated me, in fact. Maybe I should slip in an insult here. Milk sucks!
    ... I didn't mean that. I'm sorry.

    Tiffany Powell, you're beautiful and you had better not forget it. Not only are you beautiful, you're kind and caring and compassionate. I don't know anyone else who would chase after someone who's practically a stranger to make sure they're okay, and console them when they have a breakdown. You're one of the best people I've ever met. I know you'll find someone great and he had better tell you you're beautiful often.

    Maybe I'll see you again someday, who knows? Promise me you'll keep smiling.

    Zander West

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until we meet again - nico Empty
PostSubject: Re: until we meet again - nico   until we meet again - nico I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 04, 2013 10:05 pm

until we meet again - nico Tumblr_mbcdopBLQF1qdbwbjo1_500
tiffany claire powell
At first, Tiffany had been all but overjoyed to find a bottle of Arizona Tea, a necklace, and a note waiting for her by her bed when she walked in just minutes after Zander had walked out, but she happiness had immediately turned to an ache in her chest. The note said Zander was leaving. It was one of the sweetest notes she'd ever read, and it said that he was leaving her.

Why did the boy have to be such a gentleman in his writing? Leaving her with something horribly rude woud have stopped the swelling in her heart and the tears threatening to spill over her eyes. She could have moved on so easily, forgotten so easily. Now, though? She felt like she was losing someone who could make her feel happier than any other blue-haired misfit had ever been able to before. Clenching the note, Tiffany angrily ran a hand through her disheveled blonde hair and choked back the urge to cry. She hadn't known Zander for very long. She could hardly cry over him leaving.

But, she realized, she did want to cry. She wanted to go and let herself feel sad, but she had hardly cried for Jake. She would not mourn over the loss of a boy. Maybe... Maybe she could ensure that there was no boy to lose, at least not without seeing him one last time, knowing it was the one last time.

Making the hasty decision to run out of her cabin and hope to catch her boyfriend in time, Tiffany dropped the paper onto her messy bed and raced past the cabins, looking for any speck of blue that could match the spade of Zander's eye catching hair. Her legs pushed themselves faster and faster, almost as if each leg was in a race with the other, and eventually she decided she could not run any faster, and she might miss him if she didn't slow down to look. Tiff then nearly crashed into the boy. It was luck, pure luck and fate, that she had stopped running when she had, because even panting and sweaty, she had found the boy before he left.

"I might love you," she exclaimed, still panting and pushing her hair out of her face. It was too early to know, but Tiffany did not want to let Zander leave without telling him everything. She would regret it all. "I mean, being completely honest, I don't know for sure. But Alexander, I might just love you." Tiffany's hair was down and straight, hanging over her exposed shoulders and nearly touching her hips. Her tanktop was bright blue, almost the color of Zander's hair, but probably too bright. Her shorts were white, somehow pure white in the dirty camp, but even so, her face was the brightest part about her. If he couldn't stay, she was at least getting to tell him goodbye. She loved the note, but she wouldn't let him go so easy.

nobody said it would be this hard
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until we meet again - nico
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