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Back when everyone was nice, and the site was a stress relief. With people that got along and liked each other. That's what this site is about.
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PostSubject: Character Templates   Character Templates I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 30, 2011 7:12 pm

Character Topic:
Make a topic titled Guest's Characters, or something creative with your name in it. Here you can put all of your characters. Please only make one template for your characters, unless you want to update your topic. Then it's okay.

Classic Camp Half-Blood is a little different with the rules than Old CHB. Here at CCHB, you are still only allowed to have 7 characters, but you can also have three Big Three characters. The rules for those are more flexible, because we trust all of you.

Another bonus included in CCHB is: Original Gods. You are allowed to make Original Gods. The original gods can become your characters, or you can just have children of gods you created. You can also have parent characters, which can pair up with other Original Gods, or already existing ones, to give you another demigod!





Original Gods:

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Character Templates
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