Classic Camp Half-Blood

Back when everyone was nice, and the site was a stress relief. With people that got along and liked each other. That's what this site is about.
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Welcome to Classic Camp Half-Blood!

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 Introduction Topic [Welcome to Classic CHB!]

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PostSubject: Introduction Topic [Welcome to Classic CHB!]   Thu Jul 28, 2011 12:47 am

This site was built on the thought that Camp Half Blood used to be fun. If you were invited, than the site creators (Angel, Crispy, and Nico), found you important to Camp Half Blood, and fun to hang out with. You were chosen out of all of the members to give CHB a fresh start, in hopes that Camp Half Blood will not die in vain. It won't go down in burning flames, because here is our new start. If you ever did something that you regretted, here is where you can make up for it! We're welcome to new starts.

If you were picked to come here, welcome to Classic Camp Half Blood! (CCHB, or CHB) This site if going to be great! Just to get the ball rolling, we hope you decide to join! This site is a friendly environment, and we're all friends here. That's why it's going to be so great!

I'm Nico, one of your Admin. I'm pretty sure you all know me, though, so, I don't really need an introduction.

I'll let my fellow Admins introduce themselves, now! And feel free to introduce yourself once this site is released!
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Introduction Topic [Welcome to Classic CHB!]
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